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Beautiful White Smooth Skin Lightroom Presets | Make High Quality Photo

If you want to know how to whiten and smooth the skin of the photo, then this post is for you. In this we have explained the topic in full detail to make the skin of the photo in white tone. 

Example of White And smooth photo - 

The identity of white skin and smooth photo can be understood by looking at the thumbnail of the post. 

Reason To Make white skin photo - Nowadays everyone wants to upload a good photo on social media and different design filters are applied on the photo to make a good photo. Users choose the photo editing app according to their convenience to edit their photos and edit their photos with different types of filters including white skin and face smooth filter. 

In short -

Actually, the filter is used to smooth and whiten the face of the photo. Such as Lightroom filter preset, . So about this White Smooth Lightroom Filter, we are trying to tell the user, how can download this filter. And how to apply on photo. 

 D(caps)ownload white skin Luts Filter To VIDEO COLOUR GRADE From This post  

You will get Download button 

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Post Highlights - 

Download This Lightroom white skin Lightroom preset And Make You photo in single tap । You don't have to waste time to editting 

best face smooth Lightroom presets
White smooth skin Lightroom preset

Topic cover- 

  1. Required app to make white skin smooth face of photo
  2. Download face smooth skin Lightroom preset 
  3. Add Lightroom preset in Lightroom mobile App
  4. Apply preset in photo
  5. If the presets do not work properly, then follow these steps to fix - 
  6. Advantages -  
  7. Conclusion 

Required App To make White skin photo

To edit photos in white skin tone -The Lightroom mobile app is required. Because, the features to add custom presets are available in the Lightroom mobile app. Lightroom mobile app is used in both Android and iOS. But your device should be above Android version 6. And also keep the phone memory free 

Some detail of Lightroom mobile 

Lightroom mobile App - This is a photo editing app, and it has amazing features for photo editing. Especially, it is very popular for editing photos using presets. In the Lightroom mobile app, the user can edit every part of his photo. Below is a list of some popular features. 

Features List of Lightroom mobile App

- Masking, crop, adjustment, preset, detail, profile, healing, light, colour, effect, geometric, 

Download white smooth skin Lightroom Preset 

To download White Skin Smooth Face, Lightroom preset, the user has to click once in the download button given in the post, Lightroom Preset will be automatically saved in the download folder of the device. 

Step To Download - 

First of all check your phone memory and if memory is full then free it. Now keep the internet speed good and then click on the download button as mentioned. 

That's it 

File information 

File Name : Face smooth skin lr preset

Type : photo Editing 

Format : DNG 

Quantity : 1 

Size : 25MB


Download (small-bt)

Add This Lightroom preset In Lightroom mobile App 

Let's know how to add presets of DNG format in Lightroom mobile app. So that, it will be convenient to use the downloaded DNG filter. 

Step To Add white skin face smooth preset- 

1. To Add white skin Lightroom preset.  After downloading the file.  Open your phone's Gallery app, but first to have the Lightroom app run in the background, keep it open once. 

2. Now open your downloaded DNG file in gallery App. Then Now you have to Share this preset in Lightroom, To share preset click share button and choose Lightroom mobile App in is very easy 

3. Now share the photo in which you want to apply the filter, share that photo in the same way and add it to the Lightroom mobile app. 

Apply presets in photo 

How to apply DNG format preset on photo in Lightroom mobile app. Follow the steps given below. 

Step To Apply white skin face smooth preset 

Copy preset settings of white skin face smooth preset 

Open the White Skin Face Smooth preset of DNG format. Go to the option of 3 dots in the top right corner of the right side. Now select the 'copy setting' option from the given option. Now the settings of the presets have been completely copied. 

Paste setting in your photo

Now open your photo, and again go to the same 3 dot option, now here you have to select the paste setting option. Congratulations White Skin Face Smooth Preset Photo has been applied.  

If the presets do not work properly, then follow these steps to fix -

Use quality photo- Always choose a good quality picture before applying the presets on the photo.  For this, use a phone with a good camera, otherwise take a photo with Dslr.  Because .  Whether the preset will work well or not depends on the color and quality of the photo.  So always click on row format and natural color of the photo.  It is very easy to edit photos of row format. 

Note: Increase the exposure and brightness of this preset slightly, or adjust the setting depending on the photo(alert-passed)

Choose customize option - 

Sometimes, before applying the preset to the photo, control the brightness, saturation, exposure, and more of the photo with the help of the Customize tool. This tool will prove to be very effective in using the presets. Even with the help of this tool, the photo can be edited according to the need. 

Advantages - 

With the help of Lightroom presets, the photo can be edited in less time, no effort of any kind is required to use the preset. There is no dish advantage of using presets, because, even by applying the preset to the photo, the user can fully control its setting. Using the preset is very easy. 

Conclusion - 

We hope you liked the information about White Skin Smooth Face Lightroom Preset Photo Editing. In my opinion this preset is the best preset for editing photos. If there is a glow in the face, then you also get likes in Facebook. So we will meet again with the new post, till then if you want to give us any suggestion related to the post, then message us. Have a good day . Thank you . 

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