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Top 100 + New Dark Urban Lightroom presets | Lightroom Mobile Photo Editing

Hello friends. In today's blog post, we are going to provide you more than 100 Dark Urban Lightroom XMP Presets to edit photos in dark urban color in Lightroom mobile application. Various types of Dark Lightroom presets will be found in the collection of this XMP Lightroom mobile. And the size of each XMP is less than 5kb. So let's know about how to use all these Lightroom mobile applications. 

if you want to edit your photo from mobile in less time, then Lightroom XMP preset can be very useful for you. With the help of these Lightroom XMP presets, photos can be edited in a single click. 


Highlights of this post

In this post, more than one hundred Lightroom presets have been provided for photo editing and color grading. All these Lightroom presets are of Urban color. 

Dark urban Lightroom presets
Dark Urban Lightroom presets 

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Topic cover - 

  1. What is xmp Lightroom presets
  2. How to use xmp Lightroom presets
  3. Download top 100 xmp Lightroom presets
  4. Add and apply Lightroom presets in Lightroom mobile
  5. Instruction To Apply preset

What is xmp Lightroom presets

lightroom mobile XMP preset? The full form of XMP is Extensible Metadata Platform. This is an extension made by Adobe. Inside it is the data of all the settings of photo editing and it can be shared with any other user. The name of the data residing in XMP format is as follows - Brightness Contrast Saturation Effect HSL (all setting of Lightroom editing) 

How work xmp preset 

Let us know how this xmp lightroom preset works. First of all, a photo is well edited by the photo editor according to the required color, in which the settings of all the lightroom mobiles used are set according to the preset. After this the edited photo is exported to XMP format. And then that exported file is shared with people so that people can apply the editing settings of that preset to their photos. 

How to use xmp Lightroom presets

How to use Lightroom xmp preset ? To use the Lightroom preset, the Lightroom moblie app is used. Lightroom Mobile App is a photo editing app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or App Store. So to apply lightroom xmp preset on photo, install this Lightroom mobile app on your device. There is an option to use xmp preset on Lightroom mobile. After that follow the steps given below. 

Follow this step - 

  1. Download 100+ XMP Lightroom Presets provided in this post. It will be inside the zip file. 
  2. Extract the zip format and add it to the Lightroom mobile app 
  3. Now apply XMP Presets to your photo. 

Download Top 100 + dark urban xmp Lightroom presets 

download top dark urban Lightroom Preset To download the urban lightroom preset, a download button has been given in this post, by clicking on that given download button, all these Urban Dark Lightroom Preset can be downloaded. If any problem occurs while downloading the filter, first of all make sure that the internet is working properly on your device or not. Otherwise you should use another browser 

Click download button that's it

File information
File Name : Top 50 xmp dark urban lr preset 
Format : Zip 
Size : 119 KB 

Note : After downloading the file, be sure to extract the downloaded zip format 

Add XMP Lightroom presets in Lightroom mobile App 

Now let's know how to add xmp preset to lightroom mobile application. So for this, open your Lightroom mobile application and open it to edit it as a photo sample. Then in that time you will get the option of preset, click on the option of that preset. Now go to import presets. Now select all the files that you extracted together. To select, long press on a file and go to the 3 dot option and select all. And to add, click on the select botton appearing once.

Apply presets

Now open any of your photos in the Lightroom mobile application to edit the photo. And then go to the option of presets, now here you will get the dark urban preset you have added. Which you can apply on your photo. 

Instruction To Apply 

Before applying Lightroom Mobile Presets to photos, always keep these things in mind so that you can apply Lightroom Presets to your photos properly. Before applying the preset to any photo, please check the quality of that photo. And try to apply presets on good photos. Because the reason why Lightroom presets do not work well on your photo is the quality of the photo. Because presets always work on the quality and color of the photo. Example - The preset doesn't work on black and white photos because they don't have colors. 

Why use Lightroom presets special benifit 

special benefit to use xmp Lightroom Preset . Friends, if you are an Android mobile user, then you must have a Facebook account, Instagram account and other social media accounts on which you upload the photo and somewhere in the same account a memory of the photo is created. But many times the photo on social media does not look so good because the picture taken with Android camera does not look that good. So that is why the photo has to be edited to apply good color on the photo. It is also called color grading. So not everyone knows how to do color grading, that's why lightroom mobile xmp presets are very special for photo editing and color grading 


We hope this post will be of great help to you in your photo editing. So stay connected to this website to get more similar information related to Lightroom Mobile Presets, we keep on providing information related to similar photo editing thanks. 

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