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Paris Lightroom Preset Download For Enhance Beauty of Picture

About Paris Lightroom preset 

Hello friends, in today's post we are providing you one of the most beautiful looking Lightroom Presets called Paris Lightroom Presets. As the name suggests, using this Lightroom preset will make your photo look as beautiful as the city of Paris. 

Paris Lightroom preset
Paris lightroom preset 

Paris is known for its timeless beauty and iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. As a result, Paris has become a favorite destination for photographers seeking to capture its beauty. However, capturing the essence of Paris can be challenging, especially when it comes to editing photos. This is where Paris Lightroom Preset comes in handy.

The Paris Lightroom Preset is a popular preset that is designed to enhance photos taken in Paris. It is particularly useful for capturing the romantic and vintage feel of the city.

The Paris Lightroom Preset is designed to enhance colors, add a soft and dreamy effect to the photo, and give it a vintage look. The preset adjusts the white balance, exposure, contrast, and saturation to give the photo a warm and inviting look. It also adds a subtle film grain effect that gives the photo a nostalgic feel.

The Paris Lightroom Preset is compatible with Adobe Lightroom and can be used on both RAW and JPEG images. It is easy to install and apply to your photos. To apply the preset to your photo, simply import the photo into Lightroom, select the preset, and apply it to the photo.

It can also be used to enhance photos taken in other cities or locations. The preset is particularly useful for photos that have a similar vintage or romantic feel. It is also a great tool for photographers who want to create a cohesive look or theme for their photography. 


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Download Paris Lightroom preset 

So here we are giving you five types of Paris Lightroom presets to download. To download all these Lightroom presets, find the download button given on the post and then click on it, after that all these presets will start downloading automatically in the ZIP format file. 

File Name - Paris Lightroom preset

Format - DNG 

Quantity- Total 9 

Size - approx 46MB 

Type - Lightroom preset

Work - Photo Editing 

Features of Paris Lightroom preset

Paris Lightroom Presets is one of the best presets for photo editing like other presets, so that even a picture clicked at normal places can be made to look like places in Paris. 

Bright Exposure and colour maintenance,  

The city of Paris looks very clean and beautiful, so Paris Lightroom's color brightness, etc., is maintained according to the photo. 

Customize option - After applying the Paris lightroom preset on the photo, its setting can be customized, such as if you want to reduce the brightness or increase the color, then you can easily do it with the help of Lightroom mobile tool. 

Requirements To use This Lightroom preset

To use Paris Lightroom Mobile Presets, you will need Lightroom Mobile app which is a photo editing application and it is available in Google Play Store and App Store, so both Android users and iPhone users can use Paris Lightroom presets. 

  • Android/iPhone/ 
  • Lightroom mobile App 
  • Free storage of devices at least 200MB 

How To use DNG Lightroom presets(link) 


In conclusion, the Paris Lightroom Preset is a valuable tool for photographers who want to enhance their photos of Paris or any other city with a vintage and romantic feel. The preset is easy to install and use, and it can be applied to both RAW and JPEG images. It is a great way to give your photos a cohesive look or theme, and it is a must-have for any photographer who wants to capture the beauty and essence of Paris. 

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