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Cinematic Luts Filter For Vlog Video Colour Grade| Download Top VN Luts

Download Cinematic Luts for vn
Cinematic Luts Filter 

Download Top Cinematic Luts Filter To vlog Video Colour Grading 

Hello everyone In today's post we want to help all the content creators out there who want to edit their videos in cinematic look.  So friends, to make the video cinematic, you must have adopted many tricks and used many editing applications, but the cinematic filter will make the color grading of your video very easy. 

Cinematic Luts:  This is a type of preset, just like editing photos with the help of presets on the Lightroom mobile application, color grading of videos can also be done.  Just read this post till the end because here we are providing you lots of cinematic loots to make your videos cinematic.

What is Cinematic Luts Filter ? 

A "LUT" stands for "Lookup Table," which is essentially a set of predetermined color values that can be applied to a digital image or video. In the context of cinema, a LUT is often used to quickly and easily change the look of footage to achieve a desired aesthetic.

A "Cinematic LUT" is a specific type of LUT that is designed to mimic the color grading and visual style of popular films or cinematic genres. These LUTs can be applied to footage to give it a more cinematic feel, with rich colors, deep contrasts, and a stylized look.

Cinematic LUTs are often used in post-production workflows to color grade and finish footage, but they can also be used in real-time during shooting for live monitoring or previewing of the final look. Many video editing and color grading software packages, such as Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro, come with built-in LUTs, and there are also many third-party LUT packs available for purchase or download online. 

Download Top Cinematic VN Luts 

To download Cinematic Video Filters, a download button has been given on the post, by clicking on which you can download all these video filters. These can then be used to colorgrade a blog video, or to give a cinematic look to the video.  

STEP To Download - 

  1. To download Cinematic Video Filters, keep the following things in mind - 
  2. Keep the internet speed of your phone good. 
  3. Keep at least 500MB of phone storage free. 
  4. If there is any problem in downloading the filter, then change the browser. 
  5. Now by clicking on the download button all these filters will automatically start downloading.  

Detail: Cinematic Luts Filter 

Here you will find five files of Cinematic Luts with color tones for color grading such as blog videos and movie videos. But all these filters can be used in any video. 

File Name - Cinematic Luts

Format - Cube 

Quantity - 5 

Size - 21MB 

Type - Video preset 

Work - Colour Grade

How To use this Cinematic Luts in VN App 

Friends, to use all these cinematic video filters, VN Video Editor application will be required, which is a video editing app that can be installed and used in Android and iPhone. But if you want to know in detail how to add and use custom filters in VN Video Editor app, then for this you go to our documentation page. 

How To Add And Use Luts(small-bt)

Work in Premiere Pro? 

The filter we are providing you here is cube format filter so its advantage is that you can use this filter in premiere pro also. And using filters can make the video cinematic. 

Why important Cinematic Luts for vlog video colour Grade

As a content creator, everyone wants their video to be liked by people, but for this it is very important to color grade the video with good editing, so that the color tone of the video looks better and attractive. So in this case, cinematic loots are very useful. 

Benifit of cinematic Luts, The best advantage of LUTs is that it is very easy to apply it on the video and the color grade of the video is done in one click and it can be customized even after applying it. 

Features of Cinematic Luts 

  • Easy to apply 
  • Work in VN App/premiere pro
  • One click video colour Grade
  • Quality colour
  • Shareable
  • Customize option 


Cinematic filter is most important for video, it enhances the beauty of video. And viewers also like to watch such videos which have a cinematic effect. Therefore, if you also create blog content on YouTube, then with this filter it will be easy to make the video cinematic. 

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