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New Realistic Dark Filter For VN And Lightroom Mobile Application

Hello friends, if you want to do photo editing and video editing through filters, then in today's post, we are providing you a dark color filter for this, which you can use in Lightroom mobile application and VN video editor. This filter will color grade your photos and videos in a single click, for this you will not need to edit anything by yourself, this is a very simple editing technique. 

dark colour Lightroom preset and VN App
dark filter for VN app and Lightroom 

❤️Dark Filter - Dark color filter is a great filter, with this you can color grade your photo in very high quality and all this work will be done automatically. Here we would like to give you some examples, suppose you have made a video or photo from your phone and you want to color grade it, but you do not know anything about color grading. So in such a situation, this dark filter is going to be very useful for you. 

How To colour Grade Photo & Video into Dark Tone 

Install Editing App to use this filter - 

So first of all you have to download photo and video editing application if you want to edit video in dark color then for this install VN app from play store. And if you want to edit the photo, then install the Lightroom mobile application for this. 

If you want to know in detail about Lightroom mobile application and VN editor app for video editing, then for this you go to our documentation page. Where we have explained you how to use the app. 

What is Dark Filter to colour grade 

Actually filter is a type of resource file that can be created once and used many times, so we have created the filter that we are providing to you, and I am sharing it with all of you, which you can use in your photos and videos. You can do color grading in dark color by applying them in the video.

We give you some examples about VN Luts and Lightroom filters, as when we have to edit or color grade photos and videos, we use the tools provided in editing applications. Like reducing the brightness of the photo or enhancing the color of the photo, for this we take the help of manual inbuilt tools. But if you download filters from our website and apply them to your videos and photos, then you don't need to do any manual editing.

Download Dark Filter To Lightroom Mobile and VN App  

To download the filter, we have given a download button in the post, after clicking on which you can download that dark color filter. 

File information- 

File Name - Dark Filter new version
format - cube And DNG (zip) 
type - preset for colour grading 
work - Lightroom, VN app, premiere pro,
size - 12MB 

Features of Dark tone Filter

  • Dark Contrast
  • Deep Shadows
  • Moody Tones
  • Rich Blacks
  • Dramatic Lighting
  • Intense Vignette
  • Muted Colors
  • Low Saturation
  • Matte Finish
  • Film Grain Effect 

Dark Filter Applying Tips  

Here are some tips for applying a dark filter:

1. Adjust the intensity: Dark filters can vary in intensity, so experiment with different levels to find the desired effect. Some filters may be more subtle, while others may create a stronger dark and moody atmosphere.

2. Consider the subject: The dark filter may work well for certain subjects or scenes, such as landscapes, portraits, or urban settings. Consider the overall mood you want to convey and how the filter enhances the subject.

3. Balance exposure: Dark filters often emphasize shadows and reduce brightness. Pay attention to the exposure settings in your editing software to maintain a balanced image. Avoid losing too much detail in the shadows or making the image overly dark.

4. Fine-tune colors: While dark filters typically mute colors, you can still adjust specific color tones to create a cohesive look. Experiment with color adjustments to achieve the desired atmosphere or to complement the subject.

5. Combine with other effects: Dark filters can be combined with other editing effects or adjustments to further enhance the final result. Experiment with options such as vignettes, grain, or subtle light leaks to add depth and character to your image.

6. Preview and compare: Before finalizing the edits, preview the image with the dark filter applied and compare it with the original. This helps ensure that the desired mood and atmosphere are achieved without losing important details or overall image quality.

Remember, these tips serve as a starting point, and the specific steps may vary depending on the editing application or software you're using. Feel free to explore and experiment with different settings to find the perfect dark filter effect for your images. 

Conclusion - 

Dark Color Filter is a great filter with which you can convert your photos and videos into dark tones. For this only BN Video Editor is required to color grade the Lightroom mobile application and video, after that downloading the filter and applying the filter to the photo and video, the color grading of the photo and video is done.

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