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Best App to video colour grading | Download unlimited Lut preset

This video colour grading app is one of the best 2022

Hello friends, welcome to today's blog post, we are going to tell you about the best application for video color grading, by using which you can grade very brilliant colors in your videos. With which your video will look colorful, I would like to tell among friends that there are many applications available on play store to grade the color, but the application about which I am going to tell is the best of all these applications because in this you will get all types of Features are available to do color grading like we do color grading in photos in Lightroom application, in the same way we can also increase color in video. Friends, you will not believe, but it is true that with this application you can do color grading as you want in the video in very easy ways, just for this you have to download this application whose name is Parlor. You will find the download link of this application inside this post, so download it, now let's give a little information about this application to all of you.

what is Lut Filter

Friends, we can filter it in a way like color grading, with the help of which we add a color tone on our video, for example, tell everyone, as if you shot a video in the morning but you want that in that video If you want to add evening color or mode, then you will need color grading, with the help of which you can add evening color effect to the video, then most people do color great on computer or laptop in which high level editing app is installed. It is used, but even in the application that we have told about, you can grade an absolutely accurate color. And the most important thing is that you will not need to make any payment for this, you can use this application for free.

How To colour grade in video just one click

. Friends, as we said that making a video player great is an editing lesson, so for this you should have a little editing skill in you, otherwise it is also a solution, if you do not have light, you can listen to much about 1 day With the help of this application in the video, your video color grade will be done automatically on just one click

for this you read this post carefully, we will tell you all the process one by one. 

  •  color grade 1 

friends, this method is for those who have a little knowledge about editing, then they can great video color great from this application because it has RGB TOol, contrast, brightness, light all these tools you will get in this app. If found, you can use them to adjust each and every color of your video. But if you do not have any knowledge about it, then I will tell you about the color grid method 

  • Method 2.

 You must have probably heard about the color grade method 2 friends presets. So to grade the color of the video, you also get the option to add presets in this application like you get in other applications like lightroom presets, editor presets, so in this also you can add your custom filter and color in the video in a single click. You can grade. how to apply preset Applying for seat of friends is very simple, you read the check list given below carefully. But before that we have given you some presets for this app below, you should download them.

  1. Download This App From Google Play Store
  2. Open the app
  3. Create your new Account by Gmail I'd and password
  4. There you can see some by default lut preset 
  5. To use this click on Filter
  6. Now click on Add Filter 👈
  7. After that Click in buttom centre profile icon
  8. Now click on your Added Filter to apply it on you video
  9. Press on Import video option
  10. Then select your video
  11. After that click on the filter
  12. Now you can see your Filter
  13. To apply chose your lut
  14. Now your lut Filter will be apply in your video

In this way you will be able to do accurate color effect or rather color grade in your video. Presets Download Gas Here I am giving 5 filters to all of you, this filter will help you to color weight your video. what is the best features Friends, this application is specially for color grading, so in this you will get the features to grade clerk because this is not a video editing app, it is designed only to color the video and that's why it is All Has Features 

How To Use and Download Application 

You will find the download link of this application below, by clicking on that link download this application from Google Play Store. After downloading, when you open the first time application, you will get the option to create a new account, so to create a new account in this application, you will have to enter your Gmail ID and enter a new password, now you have to create a new account. Already happened . So now you will find many filters in the home page of this app, this is the by default filter, if you like this filter, then you can use the same filter by adding your video to it, then for this you can use the same filter as your favorite. Click on the filter, after that you have to select your video on which you want to make the color great, then in this way you can rate the color of the video. Now let's tell you how you can

Add custom filter

App preview

Add custom Lut Filter It is very easy to add custom filter, first of all, open that application, then on the top right side corner you will see 1 plus mark, click on it After that, you have to choose the second option, then you have to find the filter that you have downloaded from my given link and click on it in your file manager, as soon as you click on that filter, then your filter will be in this app. It will be added. Similarly, you can download whatever custom filters you want and apply to your videos in this way. 

About app

Friends, this app is made for special color grading, in which you get all the features of color grading, in this you also get by default color filter which you can use in your video for free and if you take premium then You can use even more premium presets. 


App name: 24fps
Category: editting Tools
Download Available in: Google Play Store


 Friends, whatever you say, but I have liked this app the most, use it to make a special color great, this will be our recommendation, so how did you like this post of ours, tell us by commenting so that in the same way new new post for you We kept bringing 

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