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Lightroom presets download black blue preset

Black blue Lightroom dng preset download

  Hello friends!  In today's post, we are going to give you a black and blue lightroom preset, which you can download and apply to your photo and your photo will become great in color in just one click, all in this black and blue light room preset.  By minus the color, only and only blue color and skin color and black color will be visible.  Due to which the photo becomes a very unique beautiful color grade, black and blue filter photos are uploaded by most of the people in social media, Instagram is full of such photos, so you can also edit the photo in this way in black and blue color.  You can make your photo uniq dark by doing color grading.

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Black blue Lightroom DNG presets free download


  Friends, we all know that photos are made good with loghroom filters, but we should also know how to use them.  I am saying this because this is Lightroom ka black and blue filter, if you apply it in all photos, then it will not suit in all photos, so you apply in a photo in which the filter suits like - show dark photo  To show your attitude to your photo in hd and clearly, it suits very much in this type of photo, I hope you understand my point.


  For this you have to read this post carefully, in this we have explained in detail, how you can apply black and blue filter in your photo by using this filter.  Then let's get started.

  About Lighroom app

  So friends, for this you have to lightroom application  from google play store, I will give you download Link in this post too, lightroom is a photo editing application in which professional photo editing is done, this application is the best for photo editing.  It is better to do color grading, you get all kinds of features in them, they have more than 100 million downloads in google play store, big photo editors are using this application like nsb picture which is India's best photo editing  are youtuber they also edit their photos from lightroom itself

  Best Feature of Lightroom

  Lightroom color grading Although friends, all its features are the best, but the most premium feature is the color grading of Lightroom, with the help of which you can change each and every color of your photo manually like you have to edit all these colors in it.  You get the option, you can see it in the photo and I think that's why people use it the most and it has more specialties

Lightroom colour grading tools

  •   Preset copy paste features

  Like if you edited a photo in Lightroom and you want the same editing as you have edited the photo in a single click in another photo then it is possible in Lite ROM application because it has reset copy.  There is an option to paste, for which we need to do just one effort, then we can share our created presets with people by saving them in dNG format.  By downloading which the user will be able to color grading his photo in a single click.

  •   Lightroom save HD quality photo

  Light Room HD Photo Save Friends, there is no doubt that you can save HD photos in this, you will not have any problem, you get three options to save photos in this, in which you can save photos in all three formats.

  •   PNG format
  •   jpg format
  •   dng format

We can save our photo in all these three formats but to save photo in PNG format you have to use Lightroom Premium, if you have budget then you can use it.  But I think you will not need it because Lightroom DNG format is much better format than that.

Download black blue lightroom preset

  So to download Black & Blue Lightroom preset you have to click on the download button given below.  After this your file will be downloaded.  guys I would like to tell you all this is a DNG Lightroom presets.  Meaning that it will look like a photo key.


  Don't mistake before download Black Blue Lightroom Presets

   Before downloading Lightroom presets, don't make the mistake that you have to download only photos, and you will be done, it will not happen at all.  You have to download the entire file.  If you download the photo by pressing clove on the photo, then this preset will not work, so download it from the given link.

  How To apply Lightroom preset

  Friends, before using Lightroom presets, you have to download the black and blue preset we have provided you.  Now if you do not have Lightroom application, then you have to download it too, and then open this application.  Now here I am giving a complete check list to all of you, after reading which you will be able to apply this black and blue filter on your photo very easily. 

>Process to Apply Lightroom presets 

  1. First of all download all preset
  2. Extract downloaded zip file
  3. Share Dng photo in Lightroom one by one
  4. Open your lightroom application
  5. Select your favourite dng photo and open that 
  6. Click on right corner 3 dot 
  7. Choose copy setting option
  8. Come back in lightroom home page
  9. Now open the photo in which you want to apply the filter 
  10. Click upper right corner >three dot< select option >paste setting 

Finally you have completed the whole process. And your filter has also been added on the photo Now to save your photo, you have to click on the share icon, after that click on save to device and save the photo.


  • HD colour for colour grading 
  • No lag problem
  • Edit and customisation 
  • Free to use

System required 

  • Android/iPhone/ Latest device
  • At least 1 Gb of Ram 
  • Storage minimum Free 100 mb 
  • Install Latest version Lightroom app

File info.  

File name: Lr Black Blue preset 

Format: lightroom DNG 


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