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Bright Teal Preset For Video Colour Grade | Download VN Luts

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Friends, for colorgrading videos and photos, we have come up with a new preset called Bright Teal. With the help of this preset, whether it is a photo or a video, color grading will be done in Bright Teal. 

Bright teal - The special thing about this preset is that it provides brightness to your photo or video and also enhances the teal color, which makes your video look very special.  You can see its color on the thumbnail attached to the post.  So hurry up and download Bright Teal presets and colorgrade your photos and videos. 

File information: 

File Name: Bright teal preset 

Format: Cube 

Size: 7MB 

Quantity: 1 

Type: Preset 

Work: Video Colour Grading

Features of Bright teal preset 

Talking about the features of Bright Teal preset, any user can use this preset easily, just download the preset and add it to VN app and apply it to the video. If you want to know in detail how to use presets in VN, you can visit our documentation page for that. 

  1. Usable in VN App, And Premier Pro 
  2. Single click video colour Grade, 
  3. Customize option, 
  4. Quality colour,  

Which video suitable for Bright teal preset 

Bright teal preset can be used in any video, just keep in mind that whenever you apply preset on the video, keep the quality of the video good and the color should be natural. This preset works well on video and if you shoot video with dslr camera then your video will look more beautiful. 

Useful For Social Media content creator

If you are a social media content creator like Instagram Reel, then with the help of this you can do color grading of your video in one click, which will save your time and the color grading of the video will also be very good.  

Important setting: After Apply Video Luts 

First of all go to the option of filter, then click on the adjustment tool, then customize according to all the settings mentioned below. 

  • Contrast  -2 
  • Brightness - 10 
  • Vibrance +14 
  • Temperature  -7 
  • Yellow Colour > lightness -1 or 2 
  • Sharpen +13 
  • Shadow +69 (optional) 

How To Download Bright teal Preset 

To download the Bright Teal preset, you will find a download button on the post, by clicking on which this preset can be downloaded to the phone. While doing this, keep in mind that your internet speed is good and the phone's storage is a little free so that it can be easily downloaded Bright teal preset in your device. 

Step To Download: 

There is no step to download as we told you in the beginning just one step. Click on the download button and this preset will be automatically downloaded to your phone.  


White skin Luts 


I think you will like this post of ours and why not because any video can be color graded in single click by downloading Bright Teal Presets from this post. So if you want to ask or tell anything related to the post, you can directly message us on Instagram or you can put your comment in the comment box, we will meet again with a new post. 

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