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How To Add iPhone Vivid filter In Android vn video editor App | vn luts

Hello friends.  In today's post, we have provided you all the i phone Vivid filter.  You can use this to color grade the video in vn aap.  With the help of this filter, you can also show the video taken from Android like iPhone camera. 

Vivid iPhone Filter for vn app
Vivid iPhone lut filter 

 So in this post we have explained in detail about vivid iphone vn lut filter, how you will download this filter and apply it in your video.  So first of all let me tell you to use this filter you must have vn video editor application which you can easily download in your phone from google play store.  

About vn app 

This is an app like a video editor application in which we can edit our videos. The special thing about this application is that it is very easy to use and is available for both ios and android, also you can use any watermark in it. Not available . Without watermark in this you can export the video in high quality 

The application is most famous for making Instagram videos because it has slow motion and very nice transitions which can be used while editing videos. In the VN app, users can do color grading of their videos by adding custom filters such as the iPhone Vivid filter and many more filters that help in editing Instagram reels videos. 

Features of vn App 

  • You can export by editing 4K video in this video editor application with 60fps. 
  • In this video editor app you can also share your project with your friends. 
  • You can apply custom filters to your videos by adding them to this application. 
  • Cromakey 
  • Slow motion (preset) 
  • Multiple layer 
  • Sticker  

Custom iPhone Vivid filter for vn app 

iPhone Vivid Filter is the name of a filter from which the video can be color graded like the iPhone, this process can be done with this filter by simply copy pasting, by doing this it is easy to color grading the video, to make this filter All the tools have been used for this, such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color, and all other tools have been set to 1 point according to the preset, 

you can customize the setting of all these tools later on for your video. According to This VN filter is of cube format. It can be used in BN video editor as well as in video editor applications like Premiere Pro. iPhone Vivid filter is a high quality Lut filter, it is designed in a professional manner. 

iPhone Vivid filter features 
Below is a list of all the features of the iPhone Vivid filter. 
iPhone Vivid filter
High quality colour
Supported All device
Easy to use
Only for video
iPhone/ Android
Name : iPhone Vivid filter
Format : Zip (.cube)
Size : 6M

Download iPhone Vivid filter 

Now let me tell you how you can download this filter in your phone. So to download iPhone Vivid filter , we have given a download link in this post which you will see after 30 seconds, after that you can download this filter in your phone by clicking on the given download link. 

If you face any problem in downloading the filter then you can message us directly on Instagram. But before downloading Vivid iPhone Filter, make sure that your network speed is good. After downloading, check the file whether the last word of the file you have downloaded is dot zip or not, if your file is not in dot zip, then you can repair it by removing it. 


Follow this step to download iPhone Vivid filter 
  • Click download option
  • Link will automatically redirect in new window media fire or Google drive
  • Then click download option

Now your file has been downloaded in your phone.

Use iPhone Vivid filter 

Friends, although this filter is used to make the highest Instagram rates video, but you can use it by applying it to any of your videos, your video will look very beautiful with the color grading of this iPhone filter, 

but before that we Would like to tell you that always apply the filter only on high quality video footage so that you get a good result of this filter because the filter always works according to the color of your video, if your video does not have color, then black and white video is like this. In this filter will not work. 

If you want know how to add iphone vn lut filter then you can read this Add iPhone Vivid filter vn lut 

Required before applying this filter
  • Latest version vn app
  • Android or iPhone
  • High quality video footage with natural colour  

Friends, in this post we have provided all vn lut filters of iphone, in total you will get 6 presets which will help you in video editing like all iphone.

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